Cyber Defense

Simplify the protection of your business.
Meet the all-in-one cost-effective Cyber Security as a Service solution.

Worldwide, cyber attacks are growing in volume and complexity

$4.45 million
Is the Average cost of data
breaches in 2023.
Source: IBM Security. Cost of a Data Breach Report. 2023
204 days
Is the Average time to identify
and contain Data Breaches.
Source: IBM Security. Cost of a Data Breach Report. 2023
Of Breaches in small businesses involve external threat actors.
Source: Verizon. SMBs Data Breaches. 2024
Haven bundles some of the most advanced solutions into a highly effective platform for your protection: endpoint security with Cylance, network protection with Palo Alto Networks, email security with Mimecast, phishing simulations with Symbol, and 24/7 monitoring with Corvid.

As a solution to these challenges, Haven™ provides an adaptive, preventative security platform delivered as a service.

Small businesses deserve big secure solutions.
See everything Haven can do for your business.
Single Source
One package for a complete cybersecurity program.
Multi-layer protection including always-on live monitoring.
Cost Effective
No hiring, training staff, or purchasing expensive hardware.
Haven is routinely upgraded so you always have leading-edge protection.
Autonomous Endpoint Security
from SentinelOne

Secure your workstations and servers. Artificial intelligence technology provides 99%+ malware prevention.

Email Security from Mimecast

Your e-mail is protected against spam, malware, and phishing, which can lead to ransomware attacks. E-mail encryption to prevent disclosure.

Network Security from Palo Alto Networks

An advanced next generation firewall and automated malware analysis system (sandbox) is used to identify and prevent attacks on your network.

Vulnerability Scanning

Your network and systems are routinely scanned to strengthen your system defenses.

Employee Awareness Training from Symbol

Employees receive phishing awareness training to reduce human error (unsafe clicking of URLs and sharing credentials) and improve safety on the internet.

24/7/365 Security Operations Center from Corvid Cyberdefence

U.S.-based management, detection, and response by Corvid's team of trained security analysts.

Compliance Standards

Haven helps meet cybersecurity requirements including NIST SP 800-171, PCI, FINRA, HIPAA, and ABA FO 483.


Receive regular SOC reports to identify potential vulnerabilities and take actions to improve security.

Cybersecurity Advisor

Dedicated cybersecurity advisor for strategic insight, compliance standards, and plan development.

How does Haven work?
Haven brings together world-class tools from Cylance, Palo Alto, Mimecast and Symbol and provides 24/7 monitoring and response from Corvid Technologies' SOC in the U.S.
…has been one of the best partners our company could have chosen to help deploy nextgen network security for our rapidly growing business. Our firm represented multiple Fortune 500 companies through hosted websites and call centers which included the collection and storage of both PCI and PII sensitive data – security was big deal.”
Dale Lancaster, CISO/CTO, Red Ventures
Every healthcare provider needs Haven.
This is a solution they can afford.”
Lewis Quinn, CEO Aymira
With Corvid Cyberdefense, I went from managing six types of vendors plus my team’s time to working with one partner that is dynamically addressing changes in IT security.”
Paul Telesco, Vice President of Technical Services, LOGICFORCE

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